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On 65 acres of forest with a walking trail and 10 acres of meadow, oceanfront with a nice sandy private beach, ideal for walking and swimming. Seals often bask on the rocks and the occasional bald eagle can be seen cruising the shore line. This northern part of Nova Scotia is a prime area of great natural beauty and a well-kept secret where one can still enjoy peace and tranquility. As there is almost no night time light pollution the night sky is really amazing. Live or freshly cooked lobsters are usually available from the local pound. The surrounding area is very beautiful and rural, quiet with ample opportunity for walking, cycling, or simply relax and "get away from it all". Two touring bicycles are available for your use.Wildflowers and berries abound in the surrounding meadows, deer often graze the fields in the early morning and evening and rob our vegetable garden on a regular basis. There is a beaver pond just down the road and the occasional porcupine, raccoon, skunk, coyote and fox is also seen. Every year we catch a brief glimpse of a black bear with cubs in forest.
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Crows Joy
Your Home by the Sea