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Crows Joy
Your Home by the Sea
There is a flock of around 12 crows living with us who we feed during the winter. They seem to know us quite well and now come flying when called, although I think they really only come for the food. They have such fun and constantly chase each other and often ride the wind, looking like tatty black rags being thrown around the sky, diving and looping, like demented aviators. A very dear friend told me that as a little girl, when she went with her parents for a ride in the car, they would play an "I spy" game using this nursery rhyme.

This rhyme has stayed with me and I have named our home "Crows Joy" as there are only two of us and it is, for us, a happy place.
One crows sorrow
Two crows joy
Three crows a girl
Four crows a boy
Five crows for silver
Six crows for gold
Seven crows a secret
Never to be told.
Here is a short story called "Crows" in pdf for you download